Transnational Meetings

Why transnationally?

In order to be able to meet DeCRIT’s goals and objectives, this project is implemented and disseminated by a diverse partnership in a transnational way.

Firstly, the need to share ideas about democratic challenges in Europe and how these must be addressed from educational methodologies and content makes coordinating transnational meetings essential milestones in the project development.

Secondly, the need to encourage critical thinking as an strategy for students to develop life competences leads to the methodological requirement to present a diversity of confronting viewpoints that go beyond our local mind set and educational context.

And thirdly, the creation of two specific Intellectual Outputs (IO1 – Modular Training Curriculum / IO2 – E-Learning MOOC Platform) demands transnational collaboration in order to provide target groups with high-quality products resulting from the shared effort of all institutions involved.

TM1 (Kick-off)

Monitoring Meeting (1)

Monitoring Meeting (2)

Monitoring Meeting (3)

Monitoring Meeting (4)

Monitoring Meeting (5)


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