Critical Thinking in Active and Creative Education: ETIC_Algarve.

Critical thinking is an important subject not only to society but also to the individual itself. As such, it’s essential to develop it in each person so that we can have consciousness of reality and independent individuals that can think clearly and can make a difference in society.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, schools have a significant role, since it’s where students may learn and master Critical Thinking by practice from an early age and in all sorts of contexts. Such practice is vital for the long-term economy, democracy, and creativity development of each individual and of the society as a whole. 

At ETIC_Algarve we seek to achieve, within each area, a way to stimulate critical thinking. Above everything, this “school non-school” gives the students the freedom to express and explore their creativity, create and execute their own ideas and projects, and, finally, raise their capacities. Therefore, we believe that critical discussions between students, in other words, “Brainstorming”, is a good way for them to define problems, defend points of view, argue, and then find solutions.

Aside the class presentations, in-class discussions and diverse multimedia material, we also launch challenges and workshops connected to the areas taught here in ETIC_Algarve. One of the best examples of it is Lábia (idea laboratory) a creative challenge where students from the whole school are mixed into diverse groups and have to brainstorm, execute and pitch an ideia / solution in reply for the briefing previously given.

By engaging students from different skill areas, we seek to boost their capability of critical and creative thinking outside their comfort zone, while having to manage team work, social and emotional intelligence skills, deadlines and briefing goals. “Lábia” proved to be great medium for teaching our students the importance of critical thinking as the way of democratic and conscious decision making not just as an individual and also as a part of a social group.

By joining DeCrit project, we hope to reach (and teach) more people about critical thinking importance and how it can be used in Education. Hereupon we hope to contribute to a world with less injustice, free and active individuals capable of analyzing reality and, consequently, transforming it.

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